Chuck Rock/Juniper Avenue
Juniper Avenue is a chuck rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina. We have been growing together since our self-titled album in 2020, and our upcoming album Chuck Rock helped us explore our musical identity. Chuck rock baby!
Heartbreaker Queen/Alex Naismith (Caffeine Daydream)
Caffeine Daydream is a heavy blues grunge band originally born in 2019 at UNC School of the Arts, but raised in Boone, NC. Heartbreaker Queen is a story about two lovers, one is in denial and driving the other crazy with their indecisiveness, while the other can’t understand why. This song is the first track off of Caffeine Daydream’s debut studio album slated for release in the spring of 2023.
Peace of Mind/Alex Naismith (Caffeine Daydream)
It’s Not Your Fault/Connor Lindsley
My name is Connor Lindsley and I’m a singer/songwriter/producer from Charlotte, NC. I’ve been writing music for the past few years and last year I released an EP called “I’m Not Sorry” (which can be found on all major streaming platforms!). This song, “It’s not your fault”, is one of the last songs I recorded for the project. The song’s about reaching a point of clarity and forgiveness for past friends and lovers, as well as myself. It’s a sentiment of letting go and getting free rather than holding on to bitterness.
Petrol/The Dune Sea
The Dune Sea started in 2018 as a duo between Spencer Underwood and Jake Kremer. We started in high school at Weaver Academy in Greensboro where we also collaborated with Aiden Foley, Pierce Felt, Julian Creech-Pritchett and Wolfgang Willard. Petrol began as a jam between Spencer and Jake, and was recorded in Fall 2022 at our home studio. Petrol features Zach Carter on bass and Jack Dunphey on drums. Following the release of Petrol, Jake left the band to focus on school and his career. The Dune Sea is currently on hiatus, but will return with Spencer Underwood, Jack Dunphey, and Zach Carter.


Chaotic Overdrive/Taylor Smith 
My name is Taylor and I am a freshman Instrumental Music Education major. I wrote Chaotic Overdrive as my high school senior project in music theory. I used inspiration from the themes of some of myl….. favorite shows, specifically Gravity Falls and The Owl House. I also wanted to experiment with a time signature not in 4/4, so there’s a section in 5/4 and a couple bars in 2/4. The name of the piece is the name of an old podcast I tried to start and it seemed to just fit.
Cheesy and Desperate/Emma Oliver
As any other artist, I love to write about how I feel. At the time of writing this song, I had already experimented writing with that sort of hard rock vibe since that was the genre of the band I sang for. However, after parting ways with them, I wanted to see what I, personally, could create. This piece I wrote about my boyfriend of 3 years. He’s always been incredibly supportive of me making music, so even though it’s cheesy, I wanted to give him something in return. Overall, I had such a fun time with this song and I hope everyone enjoys it!
Hesitate is a groovy, laid back jam-esque song that hides confusion in the lyrics behind the steadiness of the progression. The song asks a question in the verses before resigning to oblivion in the choruses, culminating in a groove that attempts to soothe any loose ends. Hesitate soothes confusion with sweet and mellow nothings, and offers an interesting sonic experience. The song will be released on streaming services on 5/5/23!
“Tremble” is about the life and, more importantly, death of trust- what it means when you can no longer look one of your loved ones in the eye, and how you reckon with a loss you chose. An eclectic mix of folk, soul, and shoegaze the song defies genre as it ebbs and flows, just like emotions do in confusion. Acoustic guitar  gives way to electric guitar  like sadness gives way to anger, and then, there is nothing left. The song will be found on all streaming services (note to editor: as of 3/24). 


Macaulay Brumbelow

Grace Dunn

Leslie Harker

Grace Raimo

Louise Starnes