who are we

An online edition of our literature and arts review is released at the end of fall, while both an online and print edition are released at the end of spring semester. The print edition features the highest scored student works from both online editions of the academic year. We accept student submissions of prose, poetry, audio, video, artwork, design, fashion and more.

how we do it

Student submissions are reviewed and scored by one of our four critique committees (visual, poetry, prose and sound), with the authors and artists remaining anonymous. All work is then accepted or not based upon the designated committee’s scores.

why we do it

The Peel is committed to nurturing and celebrating our university’s vibrant, active and creative community. We strongly believe that Appalachian students deserve an outlet to showcase their creative expression. We invite you to join The Peel Literature and Arts Review as we continue to learn and grow, while fostering the Appalachian creative atmosphere through publishing quality content in an accessible medium.

Zest Committee

  • Associate Editors
  • Seth Grant

  • Hmon Ksor
  • Chris McGinnis
  • Maleek Loyd
  • Alexis Simpson

Prose Committee

  • Associate Editors
  • Edward Rojas

  • Landree Person
  • Amelia Booth
  • Gracie Dowd
  • Abigail Burchard
  • Grace Wise
  • Joe Davis
  • Maddie Scott
  • Rachael Kelley
  • Ella Fowler
  • Alexis Staggs
  • Randi Pinkerton
  • Elly Murray
  • Christine Dudley
  • Molly Thomas
  • Thomas Frazier
  • Sophia Yang
  • Sarah Zisek
  • Helen Julian
  • Gabby Brown
  • Leah Wingenwroth
  • Bella DiStefano
  • Olivia Martin
  • Noah Williams

Visual Committee

  • Associate Editors
  • Grace Puffer
  • Tyler Welch

  • Simone Levine
  • Luna Jareo
  • Thomas Colantuono
  • Len Sanqui
  • Max Lichtfuss
  • Olivia Barefoot
  • Elizabeth Popovic
  • Seth Pray
  • Taylor Hochwarth
  • Ruth Deaton
  • Hayden Kaufman

Poetry Committee

  • Associate Editors
  • Audrey Bowers
  • Chi-Lun Tsang

  • Cameron Socie
  • Greg Hinson
  • Jillyan Mobley
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Mary Elizabeth Myrick
  • Nikki Marsh
  • Olivia Barefoot

Sound Committee

  • Aaron Fyler
  • Cameron Socie
  • Chelsea Douglass
  • Chris McGinnis
  • David Murray
  • Grayson Oxendine-Parr
  • Hannah Cullen
  • Jordan McKay
  • Stephen Bynum

Public Relations Committee

  • Erin Lashley
  • Hmon Ksor
  • Emma Hood
  • Jacqueline Berry

Design Committee

  • Hannah Labate
  • Cassidy Zemmin
  • Liz Coyte
  • Veronica Romero

With Special Thanks to our
Ex-Editor in Chief Garrett Hawkins!