Visual Spring 2015



Il Fresco - by Elizabeth Shanahan
Swan - by Amanda Parish
Exoskeleton - by Lacy Nance


Untitled - by Joshua Chung
Imaginary Places - by William Seal
Self Portrait - by Elizabeth Shanahan


Q  -  by Madison Weidman
Bat Shit Crazy - by Lindsey Willis
Class of Modern Art[ists] - by Katie Hodge


Blake at 350 - by Maggie Flanigan
Roan Mountain - by Georgia Golden
Three Little Pigs - by Amanda Parish


Life After Death - by Lacy Nance
Rachel - by Maggie Flanigan
Julia Salted - by Maggie Flanigan


Johnny Appleseed - by Amanda Parish
The American Dream is Sleeping  -  by Alex Prestrud


Paradise Chamber  -  by Alex Prestrud
Peas in a Pod - by Kathryn Sullivan
Tainted  -  by Megan Noblezada


Florence  - by Christopher Lin
I Forgot Where I Was No. 4 - by Rachel Bowles
I Forgot Where I Was No. 2 - by Rachel Bowles


Musings at Midnight - by Megan Becker


Smile for Me Baby  - by Rachel Bowles
South Congress  -  by Rachel Bowles


La Posada  - by Alex Prestrud
Beauty & "Grace"  -  by Rachel Bowles
The last visit, The best years  -  by Alex Prestrud


I Don't Care About Your Diet - by Samantha Womack
Obey  -  by Jordan Register
Solidity - by Kathryn Sullivan


90's Kidz (1 of series of 3) -  by Katie Hodge
90s Kidz (2 of series of 3) - by Katie Hodge
90s Kidz (3 of series of 3)  -  by Katie Hodge


Poppi - by Maggie Flanigan
Retrospect - by Megan Becker
Chiasmus - by Megan Becker