What Happened to Old Friends, Alex Tanner

acid bath aftermath crashed past a plastic wrapped
basket raft stuffed with gift cards in glass caskets
tell me how the wild sow sowed light into a child’s
brow beating ecstacy the extra c’s an x-ed chance
to me     no second     no third     breeding mediocrity
an offering to off the thing is often what is thought
of me meandering in italian and the scallions
x-ed the seven c-sexions of a reckoning
i reckon someone’s beckoning for a lost bar
of moth cars to call them back this evening tell me
how the show goes on when the weather winds a swan
song for a-bombs and b bombs the c-x’s excessive
suxessions send the cell into a sentence
it’s perception they’re perception we’re
persephone’s erexion when the seashell lost the message