Garden Findings — Deja Shade

Wander about your grandmother’s small, yet fruitful, garden and take what you wish. She once served you catnip tea with hints of mint. There’s a limit on toppings. Ardent grass guzzlers ripped apart soil and took the kale, spinach, lettuce—leave you with a small array of options. The honey–mushrooms are picked clean, so the taste does not mix well with the medley of fruits (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries). The residuals leave bitter tastes in your mouth. Take these herbs and sprinkle delicately on the strands of stray grasses. She didn’t tell you to be wary of the side effects of a sprouting, languid, soothing plant (use the catnip lightly). A spritz of citrus could be added liberally to the small bowl of vegetation that you are growing within the confines of your kitchen. Spread the vinaigrette between every leaf and crevice that your eyes can pick. This is a small trellis—growing upwards and sprouting within your mouth. Chew meditatively.