Edward Rojas — Featured Writer

Where do you draw inspiration from? Do you draw from life events?

I’ll draw some inspiration from life events but most of what I write is exaggerated orfictional. The real world is too boring to write about. A lot of my writing comes from the same angst that inspires me to make music. I also think the flow of writing is similar to the flow of improvisation on a musical instrument.

What draws you to write about controversial subjects?

Pretty much every story I’ve written has had a dark undertone but they were always meant to be satirical in some way. I’ve always found happy stories to be fake, lifeless and pointless. Dark stories allow us to enter forbidden territory while telling us something about ourselves.

When did you start writing and what made you want to write?

I started writing stuff down in a journal when I was 17 but I didn’t start writing stories until I was 18. For my 18th birthday I got the book Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis and when I read that I was like… okay, I have to write.

Who is your intended audience and what is your goal when storytelling?

There are two people who are always the first to read everything I write but besides that I don’t really have an intended audience. Writing is a personal experience and a way for me to explore certain ideas that have been on my mind. If I had a goal though it would probably be to shock the reader and make them feel some kind of feeling, not really sure what though.

Describe your writing process from start to finish.

I’m usually just writing random stuff until a theme emerges and then I just kind of let it unfold. I never really know exactly where the story is going to end up. I usually start with a vague idea or structure and then I just sort of let the story play itself out. The stories I write tend to finish with something terrible happening to one of the characters, even though I never really plan on that happening. I guess when I’m getting to the end of writing a story I feel like there should be some sort of catharsis.