ONLINE: 11 MINUTES AGO/3265 ft. AWAY — Caleb Ponton

ask the gay couple down the street how they met/ i bet they’ll lie


they won’t say grown men find faithful partners/ beards trimmed at the

              right inch/ chests just enough hairy and browned/ cause totally

              emotional bottoms just weren’t enough/ how those 7 dollar hours

              screwed them harder than any biology major could


they won’t say long after weeks of cruel original nights one found the other

              in queen city clubs/ dancing to daddy prince/ otter bears and

              the rest of the goddamn forest grindin clawin animal sounds

              before and after they escaped the jungle for just that one sec


they won’t say they wrote WHITES ONLY (all caps) because their

             masculine tendencies went bareback down howard street/ grindr

             faces still crammed into tiled life stories/ listing one line zingers

             hoping all their other single exes would hear the new beats they

             drop as you link your spotify profile to his HIV status


they won’t say they moved back to charlotte to settle down their new

             career of settling into old daddies nice furniture/ still unamused at

             all the other undeveloped chests/ forgetting anne belk sex halls are

             just right here/ don’t tell me you won’t spot their bar sliding back

             onto the rack where all other rusting weights sit


/ just ask them