The Party — Edward Rojas

Jane is puking in the corner of the room. Every time she tries to stand up she falls into a puddle of her vomit. A broken glass that once contained water is shattered on the floor and as Jane gives one last futile attempt to leave the hellhole of her bodily regurgitations, she crumbles to her original position, glass shards stuck in her hand, blood and vomit intermingling. She falls asleep to the lullaby of wasted college students getting off to an unhealthy excess of drugs, alcohol and degeneracy.

In the next room, Connor is looking for a new girl to charm. To target. He gave up on Jane after her overabundance of alcohol destroyed any chance he had of getting laid. Some new Bruno Mars song is playing through the speakers and drunk girls are throwing themselves to the downbeat with their clothes falling off. Drunk boys, sober enough to know they still want to take one of these half conscious creatures back to their rooms, are stumbling around with their Ralph Lauren button downs and slicked back hair. Someone puts out a cigarette on the couch, Stacy is crying about her ex-boyfriend, Abby is shaking her ass high in the air, someone spanks it but no one really cares.

It’s 3:30 A.M, a miracle the cops haven’t shown up and Connor is still looking for a woman. Heavy panting can be heard outside of Bailey’s locked door and four girls leave the bathroom in a haze of smoke. They step over Jane to get into the kitchen so they can chug what’s left of the cherry vodka. Kylie tries to water-fall the remainder but it mostly just soaks her white see-through shirt. Most people are on their 8th or 9th drink, 9th or 10th cigarette, and Connor takes some drug that Jack gives him.

Some of the girls stumble out of the house, Bret and John are passed out on the floor. Voices in the basement are ranting about the economy, life, youth, freedom, capitalism. Adam is taking a piss in the sink. The music is getting louder and it’s that 4/4 electronic kickdrum stomping to the downbeat.

Jane is crawling to the backdoor, crawling to her freedom. The 19 beers Adam somehow managed to fit in his body are catching up to his urinary tract. Something is burning somewhere in the house. Connor is lying unconscious on the bathroom floor and Jack opens the door and leaves. Adam is too fucked up to realize he’s walking with no pants on. Someone is pounding on the door. Red lights are flashing outside the window, and Adam limps to the door with a cigarette in his mouth. Someone is yelling something. Some kids are running. Unaware of everything, Adam throws open the front door and takes a drag of his cigarette while a stream of urine sprays down Officer Kelly.