Poetry — Fall 2017

Sober at this Party Again (Spoken Word)—Nolan Warner Sullivan

How Old Were You? (Spoken Word)—Isi Patterson

Ode to a Kale Salad—Rachel Van Aalst

ONLINE 11 MINUTES AGO/3265 ft. AWAY—Caleb Ponton

Inheritance—Gregory Hinson

Fish Guts—Brooke Paly

The Seven Components of Hand Holding—Nora Smith

Daisies and Bruises—Jade Castillo

Are You Feeling Awkward Yet? (Spoken Word)—Brandon Schwartz

On Romanticism—Rachel Needell

A Trace of Herself—Sadie Maddock

Love—Sadie Maddock

I Don’t Understand the Lyrics, but I Know How to Sing It—Tori Dominski