Cataract – by Kip McMillan

she cries in her sleep

                                    or drools
hard to tell

pull the drapes
oxygen blanket settled

                                    like snow

          hates the light


going on 25!                                        %
the gurgles are hopeful
made it past the 50!                            %
against all

passing 75!                                          %

the habit of a windmill
rub her age spots to remind her
                                        keep chewing
quietly waiting for the swallow and fade
                                        I’m just so tired
she mumbles into a spoonful of eggs

you have to time these things correctly
more bacon?
use forgetfulness against her

just try the peaches
one taste of the grits
you like the bread, remember?

Every bite                   is                     the first bite
                         or                                 the last.