white trash dream – by Alexandria B Nystrom

Oh fuck here I am again

Fagan sings the world’s crazy

Danny boy steels my heart

‘Baby girl, you slay me’


Fight for what?

Nothing comes to mind.

Let’s open a bar, a library, a Laundromat together

All at once, combined.


We’ll call it the White Trash Kitchen

Where everyone can be at home

The people will flock

And we won’t be alone


Let’s open a bar together

You can drink behind the line

I’ll smoke in my office

We’ll have a good time


Let’s open a library together

Our kids will play there

A lot for ideas of grandeur

Pardon the smell of stale beer


Let’s open a Laundromat together

We will look fresh for life

We can hide our love stains

I can’t wait to be your wife


We opened a white trash kitchen

We said fuck the doors

Everyone could hear us fight

And when it rained, it poured.