Upon Watching a Congressional Roundtable on the Usage of Hallucinogens – by Zachary Hodges


                           Intimating myself

                                   with Allen Ginsberg:

                                    crown like lagoon


                                    around the temples

                                    and offers harbor at

                                    the forehead,

                           pubic hands

                           unfurl him at

                                 the chin –

                                    pensive facial twitch,

                                    trident eyeglass in

                                                  horned frames,


               leaning toward a Senate


on the use of LSD, lobbying half-moon


            sepia-stain tables, machines,

lobbying for Kesey’s psilocybin

and the Hell’s Angels

in some cosmic apartment

chanting mantra to Joan Baez –


and for a moment

I remember

a night I climbed

the summit of Coltrane,

tap danced heaven’s gravel

with Homeless Jamie,

near the molten bench

where we conferred

the kilted ridgeline

after I consumed hand-made

hallucinogens and bounded

from the roof into

mechanized daylight –

plutonic morning

where the pomegranate cloud cover

ripened in orbit.