how free i felt for once? – by Alex Tanner

how free i felt for once?

the nerve i tell you the nerve of this man he come right up to my window comin’ on no lessthan-three seasons after leavin’

three seasons mary can you imagine

and still this lummox waltzes up at midnight with a brand new guitar like he don’t know winter come and gone and

“sings” in that goodfornothin’ drawl–

ahm learnin ta whistle,cause it fEE-ls lahk a lah ta hum round anyone but youuu been tryin, but ah caint wiggle mah lEE-ups like mah vocal fowulds can do,can dooo

taint nobody else in this wahd woruld who

makes me a steak n two sqwEE-yuls uh barb-EE-kyew when wangs wud dooo ah wawnt sumbahdy ta make mah mEE-yuls n theyurs nobahdy dat cuuhks lahk youuu

–and may The Lord strike me down! i swear</>

he musta rehearsed the life outta that god awful tune, but you just know he was “singin’” in front of his bent up mirror

every time. he beat me, he would say