Poetry: Resurface, Post-Anesthesia – Samantha Hunter

Resurface, Post-Anesthesia
Samantha Hunter

sidewalks must hold puddles of spit/
bile reeking words allover/shouts
crowd those silenced corners turned
into fresh holes/hold still/extraction of rights/read
the fine print exposure/i leapt
senseless from the operating room in tears

me/my mouth/bleeding bowl of tears/
overflowing spitty-substance
from the dick of the doctor who leapt
into politics/left me dizzy and needing to shout/
him tightening the straps/i read
clear blackness/induced end of my turn/

there was always a turn
at dinner/me spinning into tears/
slipping on safe spaces because daddy read
me wrong/too much beer led to spittle/
open hand/at me/mamma’s response was to shout/
she never cared enough to leap/

i was incapable of leaping/
too tiny of woman to turn
his mind fair/sister/we were wrong/don’t shout
for mamma/she’ll dissolve into tears
over decisions slick with “someone’s father’s” spit/
regurgitated from sir colonizer/i read

the news on the screen/we all read
agenda laced platforms that leap
from black suits drunk on trading spit/
numbness pumps into veins/it’s his turn
to piss his stream of hate/can i tear
him off of me/a mouth full of gauze can’t shout/

i woke/mumbling/fighting to shout/
mamma/he did not want to read
the image on my shirt/only wanted to tear
it off me/or her/reality leaping
from the screen/saw his or his/clean smile turned
free/good behavior allows another chance/to spit

violating human sidewalks does not offend the state