I have a nebulous question… – by Aaron Pestrud

Dear Aili, the acid sunset coming down 5 hours late and stumbling

Praying to Crayola for penance for color is the divine essence


Upside down movies that say C.D. Wright was right,

We all want to feel the dirt on our feet


While through the tent flap strongman baby lifts her gaze.

You only need one eye to see the void


The milky orb’s waning smile warned of a bipolar heaven

A stationary search for the blanket sun through a tube


Gnat swarm galaxies stream to the delta

Patterned by the crystalline tortoise shell where bird lives


His blue lighted eye lumbered through tears that thin the darkness


Where Grandma hung around for another 17 days

It was snowing but the batteries weren’t low, she had time.


Relative motion became apparent when we drove our rental cars

Past a one eyed warrior halfway down the road

To the guru crow with his voice turned off

Perched on a honeycomb with a tinny voice that said, “nächte halte”

And “the world will cry from postcinema revelation.”


Where are you gonna run to,

When the bottle rocket sunrise explodes through the hole in the tent

And a red handshake flashes on the beaded sky?


Look at the dry splattered sketchbook painted by the bloody dawn light

In the tin roof shack with glass chandeliers where

The thrush is tapping on the ember blazed pan.

Wake up Alex, the snow is falling.