Sicky on a poolside lighthouse – Sam Lind

Sickly on a poolside lighthouse
brown eyes downsizing
            south side suburban
                             summer life

broken spokes such that sun chairs
                 only go all the way
furthermore the sun itself in
       such a way
that splashing, though forbidden,
evaporates in a flash
leaving only particulate chlorine
            like crystalline ash

so the sandy-concrete shoreline
            is reliably bone-dry
and slow-cooks flip-flops and flies

lacrosse moms too tan to tantalize
a girl Raven in long, black sleeves
            I envy the dedication
we share a short   vacation
from climates   hospitable
           racing lanes iterations of fast
            tracks to which I am ever only
            less-than-causal observer
turning my head,    panning fried high
schoolers                with white lighters
               infants sizzling into
the shallow end
                        me in my lighthouse

♫ everything
               looks perfect from
                                          far away ♪

            NO RUNNING