he’s nowhere near himself – Barry Jones

cat and I long to you for
watching down to care for you
bloodwork and cat to I’ll vet you
I, neurologist and cat in Winston, I’m just the that um,
Hello, that’s like an on and of and up to him
sort of don’t know anything the happened, just, yeah I
somehow see that he would do better
I’m can’t
the floor
not just purr but
he him was picked
I don’t close, got crated, have problem
somehow see that
we’ll—see—we’ll take that but I, this
the scans, the moving not
mornings that run, flop
alrights we’ll see him go
better take care that
little of it that goes let be
the shhh-no stop
I’m you afternoons
still you
to the here to the well, there
crumby crystals broken
stomach yowling now
in throbbing heatstroke night,
I see
go to him
poor guy
the crated crystals that’s around
flop here, know of him
but yeah just letting that pain
look likely x-rays, just…

before you run home
are you still there?
before you run home well
that room you trouble
that door that’s not himself
I, little,
you, out
on the back deck on painkillers
I’ll rubbed your head
him, um,
him, um

Alright sounds goodwelllet me know how that goes I guess.
I’m sorry what?
Let me know how that goes.
I can’t understand you
Okay, I will, I’ll give you a text message and let you know how he’s doing.
Okay, actually, if you could give me a call that’d be better. Just, text message just feels too weird
to talk
about that sort of thing?
OkayWellthank you!
Okay, I love you!
Love you too. Bye.
Alright, bye.