Death Comes for Russell – Barry Jones

with a vision of a wolf charging me
for the conversation a round thinking

                a greasy hair bit (my brain matters)
                a big ol’ good morning   you falls
                in my lap      I remember to stop
              crediting myself with other people’s thoughts

fret on the table

                                                from four words i am running
                                                say good morning harshly
                                                       start texting all of you
                                                “before funny, humans wouldn’t talk to each other”

my nose chills
so do we

                                                                                i remember the seventies
                                                                                I built a coffee table      not
                                                                                my dad he wanders stretching
                                                                               out      my stomach         piping
                                                                                “little boys, strong and able!
                                                                                keep those elbows off the table!”
                                                                                       I don’t have to listen to him some
                                                                                sort of metaphoric reverse birth
                                                                                shut him up and he’s just crushed.

with   vision of   wolf charging me
for something I didn’t buy
i hit you up      we do ’t chill
offer   you gum or a cool thought
without              the second one
so I you we (talk about pronouns!)
more than ourselves
dumb things like

                                                                                                                I chew 40 times before wallowing
                                                                                                and I swallow my “to you” with my good morning

without fear of judgement dad