BMC: A High Country Experiment

//BMC: A High Country Experiment//

// Black Mountain College is an absolutely adorable campus situated near Asheville, North Carolina // Aside from the spectacular mountain views, this place provided students with the best artistic education possible during the 30s and 40s
// Arguably //
If you don’t know much about BMC // or you do and find it as fascinating as I do // this weekly article will provide insight into its inspiring past //
// BMC now has a museum in downtown Asheville // where exhibitions reveal the magic behind the college
//Here is the website if you want to check it out, which I highly recommend:
//A movie featuring BMC, The Longest Ride, came out in April which honestly I only watched because of dreamy Scott Eastwood // Yes, the son of Clint Eastwood // and Clint is a much better actor than his son if we are being honest //
// I don’t recommend this movie//
In fact parts were incredibly trite and I ended up skipping whole scenes entirely.

//My point is:

Black Mountain College was heavily featured in the plot line of The Longest Ride//
//Ruth, the most dynamic character of the whole movie, described a piece made by a BMC artist, “isn’t it wonderful? Such a personal landscape. It’s so direct and frank and simplified and distorted all at the same time. Don’t you love it?” //
//The art in this movie almost makes up for it’s complete lack of originality
and absolute terrible acting//
//The characters visit BMC // which was only a running college for 24 years //
//and are completely enamored with the creativity and innovation they find there //
A painting teacher // possibly a representation of Josef Albers says
// “Really look at your work to understand it. Say I want to be able to control the accidents. Don’t leave them to fate, or the Lord, or chance. Whatever you want to call it. I teach you to see. Then even an accident will have purpose and direction.”//

// Ruth is an avid subscriber to the modernist painting ideas and techniques// she spends her life collecting works from Black Mountain College //
// The honest and experiential quality of brushwork speak to her on a personal level //
“Over 500 years artists have been reproducing quite literally what they see in front of them and then Kandinsky came and broke all the rules. All of them!”
//BMC was home to extreme experimentation//
// with not just painting, but prose, poetry, drawing and more. Modernist philosophy was alive and well in our High Country mountains //