Puzzle Pieces – Samantha Hunter

I’m standing under a dome. My head tilts back, floating among clouds. The meticulous strokes of shade and light blur, leaving my eyes to absorb simple, white blobs. It’s round. I’ve never worked on one with no edges before. I don’t know why I’m nodding my head. The movement causes the cherubs to jostle and […]

Carving in Space – Olivia Buck

The snow at the bottom of my boots looks like powdered sugar. Just a big fuckin’ pastry.Can’t tell if the drops on my face are melted ice or tears or snot but it’s fine I’m going to keepgoing.The hill up to the apartment is impossible. The white that coated the streets has turned a crustyshade […]

Homecoming – Matthias Kramer

            I stepped off the train back onto the streets of Baltimore in the late morning.  Snow swirled around grimy street corners and brushed against the boarded-up windows of foreclosed houses. It caught in the beards of the panhandlers I walked past, dragging my suitcase of belongings behind me. Though I wore a thick coat […]

Cracks in the Ice – Lauren Stearley

I saw the green eyes flecked with grey. For a moment, I thought Mom was looking down on me. But when the mouth opened, the voice was squeaky.“Wake up, sleepy head! It’s a snow day!”I groaned and rolled over.“Go away, Lilly,” I grumbled.“Today’s the day! Rise and smell the fresh air!”Lilly whipped the window next […]

Empathy for the Devil – Kyle Groetzinger

             And somehow I ended up on top of her. I’m not sure how exactly, though I vaguely remember her legs spreading to accommodate me, my elbows finding purchase in the very slightly damp grasses of the garden. It was all strictly first base activity, but that was probably for the best. We were both […]

Copper Souvenirs – Joshua Wharton

            “Caroline of Brunswick. She was German,” he said.            “What,” I asked.            “That’s who North Carolina is named after.”            “Oh, that’s good to know,” I said with a smile.            “It’s not funny, Its Not funny! You don’t know why Carolina is named Carolina,” he asked.            “Well, I know now.”            “It’s named after uhm, uhm, Caroline […]

Looking Back – John McNair

            Why 6 AM? Why should anyone be up at this hour? Why WOULD anyone be up at this hour? Thinking back to it now, I don’t know how I made it through middle school. I guess I didn’t know any better then, but if I was sent back in time on a mission to […]

Whir and Whistle – Courtney King

Cindy is buying snacks. Brian sees her. Dave is slipping quarters into the Pacman machine.Cindy asks the cashier if they have fat free butter. They don’t. Brian flees to the bathroom. Dave mashes buttons on the machine, unaware of Brian’s disappearance.Cindy gets the popcorn with the regular butter, she is alone after all. Brian is […]

Two Words – Anna Pittenger

I shift my weight from foot to foot, waiting outside the library. There’s a bench by the entrance, but I’m too nervous to sit still. It feels strange to stand outside the building without going in, but today I’m waiting for someone. I can’t believe I’m doing this, I think, reflecting on the events that […]

Left, King Size – Olivia Buck

    “Do you mind if I lay out next to you?”    Jordan squinted against the sun at the silhouetted figure looking down at her. The woman had on an expensive looking white bathing suit that contrasted deeply against her tanned skin. Her highlighted hair was styled to perfection, and settled gracefully against her collarbone. She […]

Davey’s Day – Justin Chandler

“Ichabod! Ichabod! Ichabod!”“Ich’bod! Ich’bod!”“Hello boys and girls, welcome to my Tree House! Adventures await us today, so let’s get climbing!”Ichabod, facing a plethora of smiling children sitting excitedly in rows of seats, sat cross-legged in a tree house setting crafted onto a sound stage, eager to entertain his studio audience. Strapped with a backpack, blazing […]

Small Game – Joshua Wharton

Small GameDavid squatted down on a deck by bags of trash and stacks of firewood, whittling notches in sticks of rhododendron wood. Two sticks lay down, side-by-side, one longer than the other, both pointed with notches in the middle. Another lay, untouched, at his feet while he notched the third stick and tapered its edges. […]

Drinking Alone – James Chatham

We meet for drinks at the local “hip” bar. You order an Old Fashioned and I get a beer,something dark. A porter maybe? You mention that you think beer should be consumed athome, preferably in the company of men with relaxed blue collars. I tell you that you’repretentious and that anyone who orders a drink […]