Cataract – by Kip McMillan

she cries in her sleep                                     or droolshard to tellpull the drapesoxygen blanket settled                                     like snowblind           hates the light                                        anywaygoing on 25!                                        %the gurgles are hopefulmade it past the 50!                            %against all                         oddspassing 75!                                          % the habit of a windmill              […]

Talland House – by Jenna Calamai

  Talland House   “I could fill pages remembering one thing after another that made the summer at St. Ives the best beginning to a life conceivable.” FOR VIRGINIA WOOLF   The house on the shore of St. Ivesshut itself up when a susurrus of sea mistrelayed the news of her deathwhispered from the mouth of […]

The Best Years – by Aaron Prestrud

The Best Years First, there was the wordand the word was good.ThenEthereal ephemera in the apocryphal autumnWhen he was talking about what he thought“Don’t say tenebrous when you mean dark”                                                Brenda Sieczkowski   … The sun goes down so early,As I sat in the ugliest love seat (in name only)Surrounded by a glowing screen, empty […]

Solidity – by Kathryn Sullivan

Solidity - by Kathryn SullivanArtist Statement: This is form that created out of cotton/ abaca paper pulp and plant matter by laying it over bags of yarn balls. Then I painted over it using walnut dye. The forms seem to have the rock like qualities of weight and hardness, however the piece itself is hollow [...]

Good Swimmers – by E. Williams

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when we lost her. It was a gradual, sneaking thing, like watching our little brother grow up. One day I looked up to find him rising miles above me, without any realization that he had been growing at all. It seems most things in life happen this way- things […]

Joseph’s – by Jack Emerson

Betty Joe walked out the door of her daddy’s gas station and the sun shot down on her like a spotlight. The air was hot and still. She sat down on the step in front of the door and played with her hands and tapped her feet. The sun was on the side of the […]

Three Little Pigs – by Amanda Parish

Three Little Pigs - by Amanda ParishArtist Statement:This photograph is apart of a series called "Tangles", which consists of my own interpretation of tales and fables. This series is to explore the juxtaposition of how as a child I imagined the stories to how I imagine them now with an adult mind. Each photograph is [...]

Strikes – by Hannah Parker

“Life is like baseball, Colleen.”Her father was full of useless metaphors. They had a tendency toward sports or astronomy, merely making them more worthless to her.“Sometimes you strike out, but you just have to keep playing-” a long sip of beer interrupted the follow-through of his adverb. For a man with so much taste, he […]