Imaginary Places – by William Seal

Imaginary Places - by William SealArtist statement: William Seal is a practicing artist born in Washington, D.C. He is currently working towards a BFA in Studio Art at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. His work deals with inter-connectivity between tangible and intangible objects. He often creates large scale installations in order to immerse the [...]

Self Portrait – by Elizabeth Shanahan

Self Portrait - by Elizabeth ShanahanArtist statement: We've all heard by now about body positivity, we've all heard that people come in all shapes and sizes, and we've all heard someone say, at some point, that every body is beautiful. But being positive about an unconventional body is easier said than done. This is my [...]

Electric Butterfly, Mother-of-Pearl – by Anonymous

  Just like a broken faucet, you drip with a grating inconsistency. There’s something pitifully self-serving about the way you handle rejection. They were never interested in anything else- you knew that, didn’t you? That’s why you drove here alone, that’s why you didn’t tell anyone where you were going… a peek out the hallway […]

Lawn Detailing – by Ellen Farkas

50 years experience rendered new                 for plugging and                 re-seeding           Flower-bed                  preparation        Leaf removal-                                   […]

Pigpen – by Peel Prose

I’m proud of you Jesse’s hands were shaking. He closed the bathroom door, and braced himself against the standing sink. The basin was caked in grime, the sides lined with brown hair from his own head, and he tried to remember the last time he gave the room a wipe down with some Windex. He […]

white trash dream – by Alexandria B Nystrom

Oh fuck here I am again Fagan sings the world’s crazy Danny boy steels my heart ‘Baby girl, you slay me’   Fight for what? Nothing comes to mind. Let’s open a bar, a library, a Laundromat together All at once, combined.   We’ll call it the White Trash Kitchen Where everyone can be at […]

Talland House – by Jenna Calamai

  Talland House   “I could fill pages remembering one thing after another that made the summer at St. Ives the best beginning to a life conceivable.” FOR VIRGINIA WOOLF   The house on the shore of St. Ivesshut itself up when a susurrus of sea mistrelayed the news of her deathwhispered from the mouth of […]