2012-2013 Online Edition - PROSE

Fireworks and Oceans

By Terry McCormick

He walked with his fist clenched until he reached the end of the pier. The only thing he could hear was the creaking of the wooden planks. He climbed up and sat on the railing with his feet dangling out over edge. The wood bent as he did, but if the entire pier crashed into water he wouldn’t have minded.

He stared at the dark blue water, and the moonlight glistening off the waves as they smashed into each other. Each wave reminded him of their relationship. It had been one giant wave, reaching its peak only to come crashing back to the surface, pulled back into the ocean’s vastness.

He noticed a man and a small child, who had caught his first fish. The kid jumped up and down and smiled widely.  He held the fish out for the rest of the tourist to see. All Victor noticed was the small brim, dangling by the hook in its mouth, desperately needing water to rush through its gills.  It shook violently trying to free itself from the hook before finally giving up the hope of escape.

Victor turned and looked out upon the ocean. He could see the red and yellow lights of the Santa Monica Pier off in the distance.  He pressed his fist hard into his cheek bone but he could barely feel it.

The sound of fireworks rang out loudly. Purple and green lights showered down across the night sky but the sound didn’t even make him flinch. He continued to watch each firework, one by one as they flew high into the night. When they got as high as they could go, they exploded.