2012-2013 Online Edition - POETRY

Utover Lofoten

By Chris White

extinguish the exquisite

intricacies of sentience

for an instant.

deposit yourself,

in the blank inanimate.

you are a rock.

thoughtless, featureless,


at the base of Lofoten,

there is a sea.

the sea claimed you from

the cliff base

leaving you to your vacancy

on the beach.


thousands of years pass

as the bounding sea

slaps the wall of rock

it claimed you from.

the irony of the nordic sea

lies in its defeat.

the earth claps mountains,

and the sea crushes rock.

but not here

at the base of Lofoten.

here there are monuments

to wasted tidal efforts.

here there are giants

who do not conceptualize

the sea.


you, are no giant.

you are made of them.

ten times a billion

trillion specs

of you and your atoms.

yet the question is not what

you are made of,

but what do you make?

you must perceive the external

internal eternally.


you, can not do this.

you, are no giant.

you, are a rock on the beach of Lofoten.