2012-2013 Online Edition - POETRY


By A. Bryan Cirulis

one cruel joke:

poisoned tongue of technology

lubricated with sweet lies

that children and addicts believe—

children and addicts like me.


lured in by the flashing,

twirling fly that technology has cast

from its unworldly position on the banks

of our river, our water,

our earth,

and tempting each mouth and mind with

nourishment and knowledge;

never again will we be


—born of Nature—


for we have already supplicated

and bitten that ironically demonic bait,

cast off the spirituality of breathing this water,

of gladly, hungrily choking down this air,


and landed in the fiberoptic net of

eight and eighty-handed technology.


By Connor Childers

I see the monuments of man

Sprouting out of dark

Fissures of earth, interrupting the horizon,

Tally marks of ego scarring the desert

As if godliness is a man’s spatial distance from the ground.

We construct towers of Babel.


Consider the mesas of the world,

The clawed and hewn structures,

The wind-chiseled towers

Where beetles burrow their dusty apartments

 And birds perch like stoic gargoyles

To watch coyotes mug each other.


The mesas never sway in the wind,

they never buckle in the heat,

flood waters never fill their

                  bottom floors, leaving furniture

                  to waltz in the foyer.

Demon Possession at a Cocktail Party

By Shannon Cuthrell

The villa’s halls lit the ravenous night,

demanding respect, nothing short of Utopian glamour.

Harvey stood aside corner curtains, blending in and out.

He peered out the window as I peered at him.

Fool’s gold smiles spread like cancer around a room

flooded with silver lined cocktails and Christmas tinsel.

Suddenly, seething fire arose from Harvey’s corner.

Flames formed circles within his eyes.

His limbs flailed at the crowd, like an Old Testament stoning.

He clung to the hems of blood colored dresses.

Winged curses escaped his opened mouth.

The local doctor carried him off to the asylum.

The crowd murmured judging remarks,

ignoring the monsters lurking within their own lungs.